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I have used piCal module with comment integration, but we have to edit templates and edit "d3forum_dirname" & "forum_id" site by site, so I tried to edit piCal-ver0.91h for better administration.

  1. D3-comment integration class was also edited to the one included in the original myalbum-P module.

  2. The integrated d3forum-directory & forum_id value are saved in config table in DB by editting in module administration screen, that's implemented as d3blog d3pipes module's integration.
    D3-comment integration class is the new version ,merged after d3forum-0.83a, which is called as "d3comment" procedure. The "forum-id" value will be realized in D3-comment integration class , so we don't have to edit it any more.

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You have to edit "xoops_version.php", "language/(your_lang)/modinfo.php", D3coment calss files and some template files.

For Easier way, different (to piCal-ver0.91h) files pack is available for you. After extracted overwrite the files.

Notice: Added configlation words are edited in english. If your language is neither Japanese nor English, please edit your language file as you like. New!d3forum-0.85
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On the module administration screen , please update your myalbum-P module. Then, you will find new setting items "Comment integration directory" & "d3forum_id" on the myalbum-P module administration screen.

  1. Before setting, of course you have to make a new forum for integration. And write in the "Format for comment-integration" box as
    The first "piCal" will be changed as your installed module directory.

  2. "Comment integration directory" on piCal preferences
    When you use D3-comment integration system,write your d3forum (html) directory. If you don't use comments or use xoops comment system, leave this in empty.

  3. "d3forum_id"
    When you set above integration diredtory, write forum_id value.

(above image is the case of myalbum, but comment integration configration items are same)

It is finish. Before avove settings, xoops original comment system is enabled.

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  • piCal, d3forum source -->GPL

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